Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Dragon Rock - Work in Progress

New bit of Photoshop doodling from me.  This one is still a work in progress..  Will finish this one up soon..

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Crayon Doodles - Skunk

Crayon Doodles - Skunk, originally uploaded by Fnook.

More doodles with crayon. This one was pretty random, and just for fun. It's kinda tough to draw when someone else at the table keeps demanding use of the one crayon you happen to be using at the time.

Crayon Doodles - The Octopunk

Crayon Doodles - The Octopunk, originally uploaded by Fnook.

Just a quick, fun crayon doodle on construction paper.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Derpy Duo

Derpy Duo, originally uploaded by Fnook.
Just a quick cooldown Photoshop doodle at the end of my Friday work day. It's been a while since I last did a Scaredy Squirrel scene. I really look forward to starting season 2 in January. ^_^

Drawn in Photoshop CS5, on a WACOM Cintiq 21UX

Saturday, October 1, 2011

What Have I Done?!

What Have I Done?!, originally uploaded by Fnook.
... Well, there you go... I've been Bronyed..

I.. I.. Don't have much of an explanation for this one.. Someone dared me to do this.. And that someone would be Demonysh... Many of you could've guessed. I think it's because I'm floored at the fan-craze that show has.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Were-Wolf? THERE Wolf!

Were-Wolf? THERE Wolf!, originally uploaded by Fnook.
Werewolfy-ness... RAWR!

Drawn with ROB ZOMBIE blasting in my headphones; -- using Photoshop CS4, on a Wacom Intuos 4.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

September Sketchdump

September Sketchdump, originally uploaded by Fnook.
Here's another dumping of doodles from my sketchbook. You can all thank Demonysh for pressuring me to upload these.

If you're wondering what the bunny is pointing at, it's actually a dark smudgy flaw in the actual paper I drew this on.

I think you can figure out some of my influences/distractions here.. ^_~

Pencil, and ballpoint pen, on photocopier paper.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sly Cooper: Modus Operandi Genesis BOX!

Here we go.. I've gone and taken a huge and very nerdy step further and actually put together a replica Sega Genesis/Megadrive box for Demonysh 's and my collab project.

Looks pretty convincing doesn't it?

Here's the original collab:

The box and cartridge used was a duplicate copy of Sonic 2 I had kicking around. I'd say it's a fair sacrifice for this project. ^_~

Drawn in Photoshop CS4, and Flash 8, on a Wacom Intuos 4.
Insert, and cartridge sticker label were printed on a Canon Pixma MG5220 Inkjet printer

Doggy Centipede

Doggy Centipede, originally uploaded by Fnook.
Poking a bit of fun at everyone’s favorite over-hyped torture porn flick. — Had a little bit of time today, so I whipped up a doodle in Photoshop for the Make-it-Funnier group. It’s been a while since I participated and I’m really embarrassed about that, but look at this as an attempt at making good at group participation.

Drawn completely in Photoshop CS5, using a Wacom cintiq 21UX

Sly Cooper: Modus Operandi

Sly Cooper: Modus Operandi, originally uploaded by Fnook.
Here we go folks. Demonysh and I have finally finished our very first collab project!!

Yep! It's the long, lost, (and very fictional), Sega Genesis/Megadrive release of Sly Coopers adventures in glorious 16-bit!

This was a lot of work, but a heck of a lot of fun to put together, so you can certainly expect to see a few more of these in the near future from both of us.

Sly Cooper IP © SuckerPunch games.
Sega Genesis/Megadrive © Sega.

*Not a real product*

Friday, July 15, 2011


Leigh, originally uploaded by Fnook.
Let me start by saying that I've been having a helluvva past couple of months with brutal animation deadlines, and work pressure out the waazzoo.. Artistically, I'm so completely burned out that I was starting to think I COULDN'T draw anything for myself even though I really wanted to, but didn't have the drive, nor the energy.

I was browsing the recent entries for the folks I'm watching, when I came across a recent post by Babyfox on deviantArt.. I really thought it was a cute design.. I really wanted to draw this.. So I did..

Thanks for getting me out of my art block ! -- Hope you like it..

Based off of her cute design:

** HB Pencil, standard crap photocopier paper, with some Photoshop CS4 colour/FX/BG

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sketchbook: Ratchet & Clank

Sketchbook: Ratchet & Clank, originally uploaded by Fnook.
A few more sketches pulled from my bulging sketchbook.. Bloated like a sea corpse, it is.. *ahem*.. -- I've always been a big fan of the Ratchet & Clank games back on the Playstation 2, and here's some evidence of that. Technicly these two shouldn't work together because character-wise they both play the straight man, but for the purposes of the game they seem to work fine.

Fun sketches for a fun game. I'd like to start doing a few more of these game character sketches.. Maybe when I find a bit more time in my work schedule.

Now I'm off to get more of my animation quota done.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Crayon Doodles: Lizard

Crayon Doodles: Lizard, originally uploaded by Fnook.

Egads! More crayon doodling with a 4 yr old. This time around he was more receptive to me actually having my own crayon to draw with, and wasn't demanding that I swap my chosen instrument for the one that he currently had. This was the only one out of 5 or 6 doodles that managed to dodge being carved into with either scissors or a marker.

His reaction to it: "He's weird.. I don't like him".. Oh well.. Everyone's a critic.

Pubdoodles: The Griffin

Pubdoodles: The Griffin, originally uploaded by Fnook.

Today I did brunch at Dr. Generosity on Bloor St. West, in Toronto. They had the whole setup of brown paper on the table with crayons included, so I had to do my usual bout of violating the tablecloth with my scribblings.

This time around I was in a mythical monsters kinda mood. ^_^ -- And if you must know, I had the Huevos Rancheros. Mmmmmmm.. Spicy!

Brown rough newsprint and black crayon. (drawn in about 5 minutes)

My Little TerrorBOT

My Little TerrorBOT, originally uploaded by Fnook.

I had some time today whilst I was waiting for some animation approvals to come down the pike.. So, I booted up Photoshop and had a bit of fun. I just couldn't help myself considering the MLP craze that's going on these days.. I mean, seriously... Example

And.. Well.. Portal 2 is f'n awesome.. S'all I can really say about that...

Hope ya'll likes it.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Autobot Mashup

I realized this morning that I had these sketches in my sketchbook from ages ago, and I've never uploaded them. So here they are... :D  
They're born from frustration over the crap designs from the Michael Bay Transformers movies. I LOATHED the Transformer designs in the film, and knew whole-heartedly that I could design something FAR more appealing in my sleep. So over a few months my sketchbook pages started to fill with drawings like these.. 

Yes.. You see a transformer redesign on a Dr. Who Dalek in there. EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE!!!! ^_^

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sketch Dump - Cat BARFS!

Here's a pile of sketches collected from my desk and whilst on coffee breaks with a co-worker -- The theme of which started out as cats, then quickly devolved into cats barfing because it was funny, and something that totally grossed us both out as cat owners.

Doodles are 2B pencil, colerase pencil, and ballpoint pen.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Not as advertized...

Not as advertized..., originally uploaded by Fnook.

Sackboy is such a fun and luvable little character to kill in the most adorable ways... A quick and fun comic about the amazing game LittleBIGPlanet 2 on Playstation 3.

Yes.. I know.. I'm a rotten, rotten, man.. ^_~

Monday, January 3, 2011

PubDoodles - 001

PubDoodles - 001, originally uploaded by Fnook.

I've decided to start a whole new sketchbook, and I'm calling it PUBDOODLES.. These will be those drawings you end up doing when at a pub or eatery with friends and they dress the table with that thin, raw, newsprint.. And you can't help but violate it with a pen, pencil, or crayon.. (Sometimes PROVIDED by the eatery itself)..

So.. Here's a wee farty, bunneh.. Drawn using a blue crayon, at a Jack Astors in Vaughn, Ontario, Canada. ^_^