Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Updated 90-second 2009 Demo Reel

Updated 90-second 2009 Demo Reel, originally uploaded by Fnook.
This is the latest cut of my animator/director demo reel. Now includes 3D animation clips.

Contains the scenes from the following:
"My Friend Rabbit"
"Handy Manny"
"Ruby Gloom"
.. And various feature film, TV, and commercial projects.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Scaredy Squirrel - Clip 005

Scardey Squirrel - Clip 005, originally uploaded by Fnook.
Here's another one of my latest scenes from the "Scardey Squirrel" series. Animating in ToonBoom really makes doing things like animated staggers really easy to do. Which is good considering staggers are kinda tricky to do in traditional animation.

Drawn using a Wacom Cintiq (21UX), and animated in TOONBoom Animate Pro 2.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Want sum?

Want sum?, originally uploaded by Fnook.
Had another sketch jam with Demonysh today, and this is the result of it. Well.. The original pencil drawing was done at that time, but since then I've taken it home and layed on some Photoshop luvvin'.. This one was uber fun to do aswel.. Canada toque FTW!!!

Drawn in 2B pencil, then coloured in Photoshop CS4. Yes I wrote "coloured", cuz that's how us Canadians spell it. ^_~