Friday, May 31, 2013

Swaller' Yer Soul!

Swaller' Yer Soul!, originally uploaded by Fnook.

I think I'm done fiddling with this... I decided to do some classical animation for myself, and made this fun little cycle for the Potoo challenge over on the CritterJAM group over on deviantART. This was a good excuse to exercise some of the concepts I've developed for using animated textures as colour fills in classical animation. It may not be absolutely perfect, but the effect is certainly eye catching. I tried outputting this as a convenient flash video, then as a animated GIF, but neither of those formats gave satisfactory results and reduced the image quality too much. So I opted to render out a looping video stream instead to maintain the best quality.

Hand-drawn animated entirely within ToonBOOM Harmony 10, using a ASUS EP121 Slate PC.